Mymesys: High Performances Embedded
Measurement Systems for multiDegrees
of Freedom Microsystems




MYMESYS is an ANR project within the call ANR-Emergence (session 2011). Its aim consists in developping innovative technologies to measure the force and displacement signals in multi-degrees of freedom (multi-dof) piezoelectric microgrippers, the main focus being the embeddability of the developped measurement systems with severe performances such as high accuracy (in the order of sub-micrometric) and high bandwidth (some hundreds of Hertz).

With respect to the Emergence call, the spirit of MYMESYS-project is to develop the measurement systems such that the results can be valued in an industrial context. It is therefore expected that several results be patented.

A scheme representing the global objective of Mymesys.


January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2013 (24 months)

It is a great to pleasure to announce that the ANR-agency has accepted the extension of the project until Septembre 30st 2014. This renders the duration of the project to be 33 months.


Micky Rakotondrabe (
Associate Professor, University of Franche-ComtÚ (UFC) at Besanšon

Host Institute

Automatic Control and Micro-Mecatronic Systems (AS2M) department,
FEMTO-st Institute,
24, rue Alain Savary
25000 Besanšon - FRANCE

Institute that assists for the industrial promotion aspect and for the juridical aspect

Direction de la Valorisation de l'UniversitÚ de franche-ComtÚ (DV-UFC),
University of Franche-ComtÚ (UFC)
25000 Besanšon - FRANCE

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